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The Anam Cara Project Bag


The ultimate bag for any kind of project you take on.  This bag boasts a comfortable 48½ cm in width, 39½ cm in height and is 22 cm deep.  Our Anam Cara project bag comfortably holds 22 skeins of 100g yarn and boasts a 24 cm high (3 division) inside pocket to store all your accessories.

Size: 48½ cm (width) x 39½ cm (height) x 22 cm (depth)

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4 colours on back order: green leaves and script, Persian blue flower and beige, postal and taupe and black and beige leaves and blessings.  Boasts a 24 cm high (3 divisions) inside pocket to store all your accessories. Comfortably holds 22 x 100 grams skeins of yard. This is definitely the ultimate bag for those epic projects.

Crafting Excellence in Cape Town! We take pride in creating high-quality crafting products using only the finest fabrics and accessories. Our commitment is simple: we make products we’d love to own. Elevate your crafting experience with our exceptional creations! The items seen in the images on our website are for display purposes and all items are sold per unit, unless otherwise specified.

All Lily J items are made using 100% linen, 100% cotton and the best quality other fabrics.

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Colour Combinations

Autumn Persian Flower Tote, Black & Beige Leaves & Blessings, Green Leaves & Script, Persian Blue Flower & Beige, Postal & Taupe


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